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Table 2 Example farm data

From: Spatial analysis of the benefits and burdens of ecological focus areas for water-related ecosystem services vulnerable to climate change in Europe

Item Value
Farm area (ha) 70,457
Arable area (ha) 27,837.5
Feature area (square metres (m2)) 13,918,250
Buffering capacity of soils and rocks High (e.g. containing considerable calcium carbonate)
Ecological zone Temperate continental forest
Feature Woodland
Average field size ≥ 10 ha
Gradient (band) 10 to 20%
Hydraulic conductivity of the soil Moderate
Mean annual precipitationa < 1000 mm high (647–765 mm)
Mean annual temperature 6 to 10 °C
Regional water stress High
Risk of acid deposition Very low
Risk of nutrient deposition Moderate
Soil texture Medium
  1. aTwo bands are derived for mean annual precipitation as these parameter classes are required to assess the impact of different ecosystem services