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Table 3 Valuation of heat-related mortality in year 2020 (base costs €2013)

From: Valuing deaths or years of life lost? Economic benefits of avoided mortality from early heat warning systems

Mortality indicator Monetary approach Reference value Adjusted value for Spain Source for reference value
Premature deaths (loss of statistical life) VSL 3.6 million $2005 (EU-27) 4.1 million OECD (2011)
Premature deaths (loss of 1 year of life expectancy in normal health) Premature VOLY 90,000 €2013 (EU-27) 109,000 de Ayala and Spadaro (2014)
Displaced deaths (loss of 1 month of life expectancy in poor health) Displaced VOLY 7280 £2004 (UK) 10,300 Chilton et al. (2004)
  1. Income elasticity is 0.8 for adjustment over space and 1 for adjustment over time (OECD 2011)