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Table 1 Parameters for calculating heat-related mortality

From: Valuing deaths or years of life lost? Economic benefits of avoided mortality from early heat warning systems

Parameter Description Value
Tmax t Time series of daily maximum temperatures 2020–2040 (°C) Time series for each RCP climate scenario
(Scoccimarro and Gualdi 2014)
μ t Daily mortality from natural causes during heatwaves Projected over time using demographic data
(INE 2014)
AR Heat attributable mortality as % of daily deaths per 1 °C above Tcrit 4.24% per °C (95% CI, 1.57–6.88%)
(Linares et al. 2014)
Maintained constant over time
DMR Displaced mortality ratio as % total heat-related deaths Lower bound = 35%; upper bound = 75%
(Saha et al. 2014)
Maintained constant over time
γ Loss of life expectancy (years of life lost per deaths) γd = 16 days (displaced death)
γp = 4.7 years (premature death)
(own assumptions)
Maintained constant over time