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Table 1 Analysis of norms and values

From: Tragedy in moral case deliberation

Perspective Values Norms
Patient Trust I should trust the doctors
Lots of children Now that I am dying, I would like to have this child (even with Down Syndrome)
Healthy baby If the baby dies, I can care for it in heaven
Concern for husband I have to take care of my husband
Husband Compassion I must be there for my wife
Obedience I should do what she wants
Patient’s mother Right to protection (of the unborn child) I don’t want any discussion
Willingness to help My daughter needs help
Stand up for my daughter The doctors have to be less clinical
Distrust I need to check up on the doctors
Foetus (No data)  
Neurologists Patient first We must not do anything that is not in the patient’s interests
Gynaecologists and paediatrician Maturity of the child The intervention limits must be raised to increase prospects for the child
Support of mother and child A scenario must be developed
brothers/sisters (No data)