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A Technique for the Selection of the Guard Band in Climatic Tests of Radio-Electronic Equipment

The problem of estimating the correspondence between the quality of a technical product and specified requirements in climatic testing is described. The problem of estimating false acceptances and false rejections, which are risks that arise in climatic testing of radio-electronic equipment, is considered. It is shown that additional misalignment of the transmitting lines of radio-electric equipment caused by temperature irregularities tends to increase these risks. A technique of selecting the guard band in order to minimize the probability of false acceptance and false rejection of devices that are being tested is proposed. Based on the results obtained it becomes possible to determine the optimal coefficient of the guard band of the measurements that minimizes the risks to the consumer and producer of radio-electronic equipment.

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Translated from Metrologiya, No. 4, pp. 4–16, October–December, 2021.

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Lyachin, V.S., Petukhov, P.N. & Saybel, A.G. A Technique for the Selection of the Guard Band in Climatic Tests of Radio-Electronic Equipment. Meas Tech 64, 963–968 (2022).

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  • misalignment of transmitting lines
  • temperature irregularities
  • guard band
  • risks