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Miniature Image-Converter Cameras for Measurement of the Temporal Characteristics of Optical Pulses in Nano- And Picosecond Ranges

The task of studying the temporal structure of optical pulses in the nano- and picosecond ranges, and measurements of the temporal characteristics of the pulses, was undertaken. In order to resolve this task, measurement instruments for the temporal characteristics of optical pulses were created: miniature image-converter streak cameras with picosecond temporal resolution. The functional capabilities and examples of use of the specified cameras are described. Their principle of operation, design, characteristics, and functions are examined. The manufacturing process of the time-analysis image-converter streak tubes for these cameras, performed in a unique high-vacuum manufacturing site, is described. The functional capabilities of the software to control the image acquisition process, as well as for processing and analysis of the images captured by the image-converter streak cameras, are studied. The metrological and chief technical characteristics of the miniature image-converter streak cameras are presented. With the use of the miniature picosecond image-converter streak camera, the temporal structure of the radiation of a semi-conductor pulsed laser was studied, the pulse form was determined and their duration was measured, with an estimation of the measurement error. It is shown that miniature picosecond image-converter streak cameras are an effective instrument for controlling the parameters of the radiation of nano- and picosecond pulsed lasers in the course of their development, adjustment, tests, and application. Information on the actual temporal form of the laser pulses, obtained by the image-converter streak cameras, is of great value for developers of pulsed lasers, as well as for specialists in the fields of laser distance measurement and spectroscopy.

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Translated from Izmeritel’naya Tekhnika, No. 11, pp. 24–29, November, 2021.

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Kanzyuba, M.V., Feldman, G.G., Lebedev, V.B. et al. Miniature Image-Converter Cameras for Measurement of the Temporal Characteristics of Optical Pulses in Nano- And Picosecond Ranges. Meas Tech 64, 889–894 (2022).

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  • image-converter streak camera
  • image-converter streak tube
  • pulsed laser
  • pulse duration
  • measurement instrument
  • laser radiation metrology