Measurement Techniques

, Volume 54, Issue 12, pp 1357–1364 | Cite as

Increasing the efficiency of systems for the detection of the contours of parts on the basis of Hough’s transformation

  • D. A. RoshchinEmail author

Hough’s transformation, which is used in systems for the detection and control of the geometric parameters of parts, along with the complex influence of different sets of filters in a contour detection system are considered. The basic methods of filtration that promote suppression of noise, the elimination of false contours, tapering of the edges of contours, and the removal of residual noise in the form of unconnected points of a contour are described. A quantitative estimate of the efficiency gained with the use of these filters is given from the results of tests.


image processing image detection quality control Hough’s transformation 


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  1. 1.Stankin Moscow State Technological UniversityMoscowRussia

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