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Marcum, James A. (ed): The Bloomsbury companion to contemporary philosophy of medicine

Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2017. 424 pp, $172.00 (hardback), ISBN: 9781474233002
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The chapters in The Bloomsbury Companion to Contemporary Philosophy of Medicine provide introductory discussions on a selection of areas and issues within the philosophy of medicine. There are chapters on traditional areas of debate, such as the concepts of health and disease and medical humanism, and on more recently developing areas, such as gender medicine and genomic medicine. Overall, the volume offers a comprehensive overview of the state of current debates in the field, and will be a useful volume for students or newcomers to the area. It may also be of interest to researchers working in related fields who would like to keep up with recent developments in particular areas of debate.

The book is arranged into four main sections (three of which are organised as subsections of a larger textual division). After an introductory section, comprising an introduction from editor James Marcum and a chapter on method, there are four chapters focusing on medicine regarded as a science, five...


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