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Is it time for a Nietzschean genealogy of laws of nature?

Walter Ott, Lydia Patton (eds.): Laws of nature. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, x+264pp, $65 HB
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Laws of Nature edited by Walter Ott and Lydia Patton is a collection of 12 previously unpublished papers on laws of nature. What makes this book unique among the existing collections on laws is its composition. The first six chapters focus on serious and novel historical engagement with early modern work on laws, and the latter six consist of cutting-edge engagement with specific contemporary debates. There is no ideological or thematic common thread running through the collection as a whole. The book manifests a wide diversity of viewpoints and approaches. The articles themselves are timely and of a consistently very high quality, which speaks to the virtues of Ott and Patton’s editorial work, and the book can truly be said to have something for everyone who is interested in laws of nature.

At the same time, few readers will likely wish to read the book start to finish, because each article appeals to such a specific audience, often making contributions to very specific debates...


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