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Philosophy of science for the uninitiated

Samir Okasha: Philosophy of science: a very short introduction, 2nd edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, £7.99 PB
  • Samuel Schindler
Book Review

The 2nd Edition of Samir Okasha’s Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction is a fantastic entry point for all those who would like to get an overview of the issues philosophers of science grapple with. The book is written in a highly accessible and clear fashion, and manages to cover an impressively wide—and I would say, representative—range of topics on a mere 130 pages. Although the book format sets obvious limits on the depth the discussion can take, Okasha’s book is a wonderful teaser for further reading.

The book is divided into seven chapters, none of which contain any major surprises—exactly as it should be for a book like this. But as with any textbook, and textbooks in philosophy in particular, it is to be judged by the way it arranges the (known) material and by its (personal) emphasis. On both of these dimensions, Okasha’s book scores very highly for me.

In Chapter 1, ‘What is science?’, Okasha sets the stage by outlining the notorious demarcation problem and by...

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