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The common sense and sensibility

Anna Marmodoro: Aristotle on perceiving objects. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014, 304 pp, £47.99 HB
  • Amitavo IslamEmail author
Book Review

Anna Marmodoro aims to explicate Aristotle’s account of the common sense, which she holds will cast light not only on Aristotle, but also on issues in contemporary philosophy of perception and the metaphysics of dispositions. There is much that is valuable in this book. Marmodoro opens up with great skill and intelligence the world of Aristotle’s concerns in these areas, persuasively and illuminatingly presenting them as live issues. She handles comparisons between various competing interpretations of the Aristotelian texts very deftly, and her writing is fluent and vivid. Nonetheless, I have reservations about the extent to which her sympathy with Aristotle leads her to downplay the ability of standard first-order logic to deal with the issues she raises.

The basic picture she presents is as follows: For Aristotle, each of the usual five senses (vision, hearing, etc.) is especially dedicated to a different type of perceptible/sensible quality (color, sound, etc.) and has its own organ...


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