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Recalling a Habermas-inspired experimental realism

Hans Radder: The material realization of science: From Habermas to experimentation and referential realism. Revised edition, with a new postscript. Dordrecht: Springer, 2012, xix+205pp, €106,95 HB
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Book Review

This is a revised edition of Hans Radder’s Habermas-inspired study of scientific experimentation and realism. The previous English edition (1988) has been out of print since 2004 (The book first appeared in Dutch in 1984). The author (together with the editors of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) has deemed it worthy of resuscitation. Perhaps it is. There are certainly a number of lasting elements of continuing interest, some of which indeed strike to the heart of the contemporary debate on scientific realism. But even with the support of some revisions and a new thirty-page postscript, for a mainstream philosopher of science, the book falls short of seriously advancing the current debates, feeling quite dated overall and lacking purposeful engagement with the past 25 years of research.

There is more novelty on offer for those looking for an alternative, “continental” fix on the philosophy of science. An original element of Radder’s study is its appropriation of some of...

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