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Teaching life’s and science’s perplexities

Kostas Kampourakis (ed.): The philosophy of biology: A companion for educators. Dordrecht: Springer, 2013, xvii+762pp, €213.99 HB
  • Costas Mannouris
Book Review

This impressive volume—the first of its kind—explores some of the most pressing issues in the philosophy of biology from the perspective of biology education, including, among others, explanation, adaptation, molecular evolution, essentialism, teleology, biological mechanisms, systems biology, genomics and environmental ethics. The editor, Kostas Kampourakis, informs us that these topics, despite the fact that they could be seen as a survey of the current discussions in the philosophy of biology, have been chosen “with purely educational criteria in mind”, aiming towards “an ideal biology curriculum” (2). Maybe “ideal” is an overstatement; nonetheless, the book, as we will see later, does contribute towards a conception of biology education that incorporates the historical, social, practical and ethical aspects of science. The book, furthermore, is intended for biology teachers, undergraduate students of biology and philosophy of biology, curriculum developers and philosophers of...

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