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The Kantian spirit: how to resist realism in the philosophy of science

Michela Massimi (ed): Kant and philosophy of science today. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 63. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, 204pp, $31.99 PB
  • Andrew Janiak
Essay Review

During the past generation, Kant scholarship has undergone a remarkable transformation. During the postwar period, the Anglo-American literature tended to focus on broad metaphysical and epistemological issues dealt with by Kant’s first Critique; the works of P F Strawson, Paul Guyer, and Henry Allison were especially influential. In the past two decades, however, scholars have broadened their focus considerably, paying much more attention to Kant’s views of logic, mathematics, and the natural sciences; the writings of Michael Friedman, and more recently of Béatrice Longuenesse, have generated much discussion in this arena. The outstanding collection under review takes us one step further: it includes not only important essays from influential Kant scholars such as Friedman and Carl Posy, but also contributions from philosophers of science—such as Margaret Morrison and Hasok Chang, along with Massimi herself—who have begun to engage with Kantian topics in a serious and sustained way....

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