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What logic? Which reality?

Joseph E. Brenner: Logic in Reality, Springer, 2008, pp. xxii + 362, £117.00 HB
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The back cover of this book promises “a radical departure from the standard notion of logic and its function”, with application to quantum physics, biology and cosmology. The chapters comprise: (1) “Logic in Reality (LIR) as a Formal Logic”, in which the system is compared with a wide array of classical and non-classical logics; (2) “LIR as a Formal System”, in which more formal details appear; (3) “LIR as a Formal Ontology”, developing a metaphysical picture; (4) “The Categories of LIR”, in which a number of dualities are described, leading to the identification of Dynamic Opposition, or Antagonism, as the most important formal category and the cornerstone of the New Energy Ontology (NEO); (5) “The Core Thesis of LIR: Structure and Explanation” beginning the second part of the book, in which LIR and the NEO are applied to various philosophical questions; (6) “LIR, Metaphysics and Philosophy”, covering the metaphysics of causation, determinism and laws of nature, as well as scientific...

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