Process of Extraction of Gallium from Technological Solutions with the Use of Ion Exchange Resins

D-403 weakly basic anion exchange resin is used for the sorption extraction of gallium in the form of hydroxo complexes from alkaline aluminate solutions. The thermodynamic characteristics of sorption of tetrahydroxogallate ions were obtained at a temperature of 298°K, for the ratio l:s = 10, the NaOH concentration equal to 1.25 M, the ion exchange constant K = 421 ± 21, and the Gibbs energy Δr\( {G}_{298}^{{}^{\circ}} \) = – 15.0 ± 0.4 kJ/mole. On the basis of thermodynamic data, we performed the numerical analysis of a continuously working ion-exchange unit with a fluidized layer of anion exchanger. The parameters of three-section installation are as follows: a diameter of 0.6 m, a height of 0.7 m, and a thickness of each fluidized layer of 0.1 m.

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  • D-403 weakly basic anion exchange resin
  • strong alkaline solutions
  • ion exchange, gallium
  • ion-exchange thermodynamics
  • parameters of the ion-exchange unit