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Prospects of Production of Granular Composite Materials by Method of the Plasma-Centrifugal Atomization

  • S. V. Bogdanov

We discuss the prospects of development of the complex approach to the design of high-density, structurally homogeneous hard materials produced from granules obtained on plasma-centrifugal atomization installations with formation of molten baths from the melts in rotating crucibles with skull. The analyzed technology and equipment prove to be promising and commercially attractive for the production of granules intended for manufacturing monolithic composite materials. Granular compositions obtained from spherical particles by using known methods of compaction or layer-by-layer synthesis can be in demand in the domestic industry.


granules spheroids plasma-centrifugal atomization crucible skull composite materials closest packing compaction 


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  1. 1.State University of ManagementMoscowRussia

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