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Restoration of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Titanium Compressor Blades by Laser Surfacing

  • A. I. Gorunov

A procedure and proposed recommendations are developed for restoring VT8 titanium aircraft gas turbine engine compressor blades using powder surfacing with a fiber laser. A procedure is suggested for restoring defective sections and building up titanium blade vane elements on the example of alloy VT8 using powder materials PTOM-1 and VT25U. It is shown that a pulsed laser operating regime during surfacing and minimization of surfacing layer thickness reduces the time for metal in an overheated condition, which ensures a reduction in the possibility of crack and pore formation, and also formation of a coating ultrafine structure.


laser surfacing hardness titanium alloy microstructure compressor blade 


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  1. 1.Kazan National Research Technical University (KAI)KazanRussia

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