Monitoring Blast Furnace Lining Condition During Five Years of Operation

Changes in lining temperature for the shoulders, bosh, and shaft, their mean-square deviation with respect to furnace surroundings, and also overall thermal loads of the cooling system for blast furnace No. 3 at the Enakievo Metallurgical Plant are analyzed for five years of operation: from December 2011 to September 2016. Limiting values of temperature are established that point to partial or complete shaft lining wear. Features are revealed for the effect of blast-furnace smelting production conditions on the change in blast-furnace lining temperature. The furnace well condition is evaluated.

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Translated from Metallurg, No. 4, pp. 48–54, April, 2017.

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  • blast furnace
  • lining
  • thermocouples
  • coneless charging unit (CCU)
  • coke quality
  • charge pellet content
  • cooling system thermal load
  • furnace well