Pyrometallurgical Treatment of a Nepheline Charge Using Additives of Natural and Technogenic Origin

Prospects for developing the domestic raw material mineral base for producing aluminum and alumina are connected to a significant extent with the development of low-grade resources of natural and technogenic origin. There is considerable potential in unused tailings of apatite-nepheline ore flotation enrichment, natural aluminum silicate within the composition of urtite, ristschorrite and other alkaline rocks. Features are established for a change in indices for opening ore resources during pyrometallurgical treatment of a limestone-nepheline charge and subsequent leaching of sinter in relation to process temperature, nature and amount of raw material additions that make it possible to suggest a fundamental production scheme for inclusion into existing alumina production, i.e., the main raw material for electrolytic primary aluminum production.

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This work was carried out with financial support of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science (State Contract No. 14.577.21.0127 of October 20, 2014. Unique research identifi er is RFMEFI57714X0127).

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Correspondence to V. Yu. Bazhin.

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Translated from Metallurg, No. 2, pp. 68–74, February, 2017.

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  • pyrometallurgy
  • nepheline concentrate
  • limestone-nepheline charge
  • raw material additives
  • sintering
  • regimes
  • properties
  • experimental research