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Features of Structure and Property Formation for Hot-Deformed Materials of the Al–Si and Al–Si–C Systems Based on Mechanochemically Activated Charges

The effect of grinding medium composition on the structure and property formation for hot-deformed materials of the Al–Si and Al–Si–C systems based on mechanochemically activated charges is studied. An inherited effect is demonstrated for the structure of aluminum-silicon-graphite charge agglomerates prepared by the two-stage mechanical activation technology developed on the structure of hot-deformed material of this system. A technology is proposed for preparing hot-deformed Al–Si–C powder material with a finely dispersed structure providing improved ultimate shear strength (220 MPa) and hardness (440 HV).

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Translated from Metallurg, No. 9, pp. 86–91, September, 2015.

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  • mechanochemical activation
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