Cooling of the Anode Gases of Aluminum Reduction Cells in Alumina-Heating Heat Exchangers

An analysis is made of the amount of heat lost in heating alumina to the temperature of the melt after it is charged into the reduction cell. Also analyzed are the amount of electric power consumed to make up for this loss and the amount of heat that the anode gases carry off into the gas exhaust system. A technical solution is proposed to reduce the amount of energy consumed by reduction cells with a self-baking anode. The solution entails using the heat of the anode gases to heat the alumina, which makes it possible to reduce unit electric-power consumption by 135–170 kWh/ton Al.

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Translated from Metallurg, No. 2, pp. 29–32, February, 2015.

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  • reduction cell with self-baking anode and upper current lead (VSS)
  • heating of alumina
  • heat of anode gases
  • recovery