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Using a poisson distribution to determine the probability of injury at the Aksusk ferroalloys plant

  • M. K. ImangazinEmail author
  • I. S Irgalieva

This article describes the use of a Poisson distribution to determine the probability of injury. The sixth-degree polynomial that is obtained allows short-term (up to three years) prediction of injury with a reliability of 88%. The method can be used to predict injury in the ferroalloys industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Key words

industrial safety risk injury danger ferroalloys production mathematical model injury prediction 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Baishev Aktyubinsk UniversityAktobeRepublic of Kazakhstan
  2. 2.Zhubanov Aktyubinsk State UniversityAktobeRepublic of Kazakhstan

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