On heat and mass transfer in the unsteady squeezing flow between parallel plates


This paper reports the heat and mass transfer characteristics in a viscous fluid which is squeezed between parallel plates. The governing partial differential equations for unsteady two-dimensional flow with heat and mass transfer of a viscous fluid are reduced to ordinary differential equations by similarity transformations. Homotopy analysis method (HAM) is employed to construct the series solution of the problem. Physical interpretation to various embedding parameters is assigned through graphs for temperature and concentration profiles and tables for skin friction coefficient, local Nusselt number and local Sherwood number.

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We are grateful to the referee for his constructive comments and suggestions. Second author as a visiting professor gratefully acknowledges the support of Global Research Network for Computational Mathematics and King Saud University of Saudi Arabia for this work.

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  • Heat transfer
  • Mass transfer
  • Squeezing flow
  • Viscous fluid
  • HAM solution