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Nitricoxide synthase-induced oxidative stress in prolonged alcoholic myopathies of rats


Previous studies showed that nitricoxide synthase (NOS) and oxidative stress can induce skeletal muscle atrophy in the muscular dystrophy and inclusion-body myopathy. There is a correlation between NOS and oxidative stress. However, it is not clear, whether there are some changes of the NOS activity in prolonged alcoholic myopathy (PAM), and whether NOS activity has relation to amyotrophy of PAM. We established experimental alcoholic myopathy model of rats by prolonged alcohol intake. We found that there is a reduction in GSH-px (P < 0.05) and an increase of SOD (P < 0.05), MDA (P < 0.05) and iNOS (P < 0.05) in the plantaris of the experimental group by spectrophotometer. In the soleus of the experimental group, except for MDA showed an increase (P < 0.05), the other enzymes showed no obvious difference (P > 0.05). The immunohistochemistry results showed that there was obvious expression of iNOS in the cytoplasm of plantaris in the experimental group and there was no expression of iNOS in the control group. There was a decrease of nNOS expression on the membranes of the plantaris cells in the experimental group by immunofluorescence. Meanwhile, we found the expression of nNOS in some cytoplasm. Our results suggested that NOS might be an important factor during the development of PAM. We could infer that there are some disturbances with regard to output and scavenging of free radical in PAM. Alcohol can induce the oxidative stress reaction and further result in imbalance of the oxidant-antioxidant status in the organism.

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Prolonged alcoholic myopathy


Nitricoxide synthase


Inducible nitric oxide synthase


Neuronal nitric oxide synthase


Superoxide dismutase


Maleic dialdehyde


Glutathione peroxidase


Phosphate buffered saline


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This work was supported by grants from National Ministry of Personnel Foundation of China (No. 129,2005).

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