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Miles Kennedy: Home: A Bachelardian concrete metaphysics

Oxford and Bern, Peter Lang, 2011, xiv + 170 pp, $55.95 ISBN 3039119907
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Miles Kennedy’s book, Home¸ is an engaging treatment of the notion of the home in Gaston Bachelard’s metaphysics, with particular focus on The Poetics of Space. Bachelard is an often overlooked figure in the history of European philosophy, and the need for an English language monograph arguing for his relevance within continental philosophy is much overdue. This need is driven by what Kennedy rightly terms Bachelard’s “belittled” reception in the history of philosophy (xiii). The motivation of Kennedy’s book is twofold. On the one hand, he intends to confer a legitimacy upon Bachelard, so far lacking in the current treatment. On the other hand, he proposes to align Bachelard’s notion of “concrete metaphysics” with Heidegger’s “being-in-the-world,” thus developing a singular ontology found in Bachelard (xii). Such an alignment relines on the Bachelardian idea that ontology is related to poetic writing. This connection informs Kennedy’s book as a whole, so much so that the relation is...


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