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Structure and electric resistance of Sn–Cu(Ag) solders in the precrystallization temperature range

We investigate the atomic structure of tin-based solders by X-ray diffraction methods and the reverse Monte Carlo method. Total and partial structural factors and pair correlation functions are calculated. It is shown that Sn0.987Cu0.013 , Sn0.962Ag0.038 , and Sn0.949Ag0.038Cu0.013 liquid alloys are characterized by a microinhomogeneous structure with Cu(Ag)–Sn clusters distributed in the tin-based matrix.

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Translated from Fizyko-Khimichna Mekhanika Materialiv, Vol. 46, No. 4, pp. 35–41, July–August, 2010.

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Mudryi, S.I., Shtablavyi, I.I., Sklyarchuk, V.M. et al. Structure and electric resistance of Sn–Cu(Ag) solders in the precrystallization temperature range. Mater Sci 46, 464–472 (2011).

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