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Seismic and well logging interpretation for evaluation of the lower Bahariya reservoir, southwest Qarun (SWQ) Field, Gindi Basin, Egypt


This paper focuses on seismic and well log interpretations for evaluating the sandstones of the Cenomanian Bahariya Formation in the southwest Qarun Field, Gindi Basin, northern Western Desert of Egypt. The seismic profiles display a clear anticlinal structure intersected by reverse faults in the study area. This faulted anticline has been interpreted to be one of the Syrian arc system folds formed by Upper Cretaceous tectonic inversion, which resulted from the NW movement of the African Plate relative to Laurasia. This anticline has been recommended as a target for exploration by the present work as it may represent a structural trap for hydrocarbon accumulation. The sandstones of the Lower Bahariya Formation in the southwest Qarun Field display good reservoir characteristics. The interpretation of the available well log data for the SWQ-21 and SWQ-25 wells for the Lower Bahariya Formation reflects a good reservoir quality for oil production in its topmost part. This reservoir possesses low SW (<50%), high porosity (16%), low SW/SXO and low BVW (<0.09) which all reflect a high potential for oil production.

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The authors are grateful to the Qarun Petroleum Company and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) for providing the data presented in this article. Dr. M. Sarhan acknowledges the Egyptian Government for Post-Doctorate Academic Visiting Scheme funding of a stay at the University of Leeds and the University of Leeds for hosting the visit and for access to facilities including Petrel Software and Interactive Petrophysics software. Many thanks to Dr. Richard Collier, Senior Lecturer of Tectonic and Sedimentation, School of Earth and Environment, Faculty of Environment at Leeds University, UK for the critical revision of the manuscript and for enhancement its language.

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MAS and AMKB: Idea and suggesting the title of the manuscript, Writing the manuscript, Preparing tables included in the manuscript; MAS: Preparing figures and cross plots presented in the manuscript, Mathematical calculations included in the manuscript, Petrel software used in the manuscript, IBM: Interactive Petrophysics software used in the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Mohammad Abdelfattah Sarhan.

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Sarhan, M.A., Basal, A.M.K. & Ibrahim, I.M. Seismic and well logging interpretation for evaluation of the lower Bahariya reservoir, southwest Qarun (SWQ) Field, Gindi Basin, Egypt. Mar Geophys Res 38, 271–290 (2017).

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  • Bahariya reservoir
  • Qarun Field
  • Gindi Basin
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Well log interpretation