A Compilation of Geophysical Data from the Lazarev Sea and the Riiser-Larsen Sea, Antarctica


On the basis of new geophysical data acquired by the Federal Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) and the Polar Marine Geological Research Expedition (PMGRE) as well as existing data new geophysical maps were compiled for the Lazarev Sea and the Riiser-Larsen Sea between 10°W and 25°E. The new results are: – The drastic change in the strike direction of the volcanic Explora Wedge between longitudes 10°W and 5°W is accompanied with a gradual change from one major wedge, i.e. the Explora Wedge, into at least two wedge-shaped volcanic constructions, each manifested by a sequence of seaward-dipping reflectors in the seismic records. – The southern Lazarev Sea is best described as a continental margin affected by multiple rifting episodes accompanied with transient volcanism. – A distinct N80°E striking basement depression separates the volcanic-prone continental margin of the southern Lazarev Sea from oceanic crust upon which the Maud Rise rests. The southern scarp of the narrow depression was presumably aligned with the eastern scarp of the Mozambique Ridge during the Early Cretaceous. – The Astrid Ridge proper occupies the transition from the volcanic-prone continental margin of the Lazarev Sea to old oceanic crust of the Riiser -Larsen Sea, and it rests upon a large volcanic apron which covers the basement of the southwestern Riiser-Larsen Sea. – No evidence was found that prolific volcanism has affected the early opening of the Riiser-Larsen Sea. – The Lazarev Sea is a sediment-starved region.

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  • Antarctica
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