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Top formal local cohomology module


Let I be an ideal of a local commutative noetherian ring (\(R, {{\mathfrak {m}}}\)) and M a finitely generated R-module. We study some properties of the top formal local cohomology module \({\mathcal {F}}^l_I(M)=\mathop {\varprojlim }H^l_{{{\mathfrak {m}}}}(M{/}I^tM)\) with \(l=\mathrm {dim}M{/}I M\). In particular, we show that, in the case \(M \ne IM\), \({\mathcal {F}}^l_I(M)\) is artinian if and only if \(l>\mathrm {dim}{\overline{M}}/I{\overline{M}}\) where \({\overline{M}}=M/ H^0_I(M)\). As a consequence, we have \( \mathrm {dim}{\overline{M}}/I{\overline{M}}=\sup \{i \in {\mathbb {Z}}\mid {\mathcal {F}}^i_I(M) \text { is not artinian}\},\) provided that \({\overline{M}} \ne I{\overline{M}}\).

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Correspondence to Tri Minh Nguyen.

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The first author and the third author are funded by Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) under Grant No. 101.04-2018.304.

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  • Formal local cohomology
  • Minimax module
  • Finitely generated module

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  • 13D45