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On solutions of the simultaneous Pell equations \( x^{2}-\left( a^{2}-1\right) y^{2}=1\) and \(y^{2}-pz^{2}=1\)

  • Nurettin IrmakEmail author


Let \(a\ge 2\) be an integer and p prime number. It is well-known that the solutions of the Pell equation have recurrence relations. For the simultaneous Pell equations
$$\begin{aligned}&x^{2}-\left( a^{2}-1\right) y^{2} =1 \\&y^{2}-pz^{2} =1 \end{aligned}$$
assume that \(x=x_{m}\) and \(y=y_{m}\). In this paper, we show that if \(m\ge 3\) is an odd integer, then there is no positive solution to the system. Moreover, we find the solutions completely for \(5\le a\le 14\) in the cases when \(m\ge 2\) is even integer and \(m=1\).


Diophantine equation Pell equation Recurrence 

Mathematics Subject Classification

11D61 11B39 



The author expresses his gratitude to the anonymous reviewer for the instructive suggestions.


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  1. 1.Mathematics Deparment, Art and Science FacultyNiğde UniversityNiğdeTurkey

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