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Why the theorem of Scheffé should be rather called a theorem of Riesz

  • Norbert KusolitschEmail author


In 1947 Henry Scheffé published a result which afterwards became known as Scheffé’s theorem, stating that the distributions of a sequence (f n ) of densities, which converge almost everywhere to a density f, converge uniformly to the distribution of f. But almost 20 years earlier Frigyes Riesz proved a sufficient condition for convergence in the p-th mean (p ≥ 1), wherefrom the Scheffé theorem is just a special case.

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Sheffé theorem convergence in total variation characterization of Lp-convergence 

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01A60 28A20 


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  1. 1.Institute of Statistics and Probability TheoryTechnical University WienWienAustria

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