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We Appreciate our 2008 Reviewers.

Each year we like to pause for a moment to thank our reviewers, those nameless, faceless guardians of scientific rigor, practical relevance, and quality reading. Reviewers are the sine qua non of peer-review publishing and they do it for no remuneration nor reward. They do it for largely altruistic reasons, perhaps out of a sense of professional duty, or because of their intellectual curiosity. We are just grateful that they do it at all, in the face of many other perhaps more attractive competing priorities. During calendar year 2008, xxx people did exactly that, serving as reviewers of the over xxx manuscripts submitted to the Maternal and Child Health Journal. These reviews provide us with greater confidence that what we publish is valid and sound and can be used to inform policy, program, and clinical decisions, the primary reason we established a journal in the field of maternal and child health. On a personal note, I am gratified that many of...

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