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MTV Logics


This essay introduces a novel framework to studying many-valued logics – the movable truth value (or MTV) approach. After setting up the framework, we will show that a vast number of many-valued logics, and in particular many-valued logics that have previously been given very different kinds of semantics, including C, K3, LP, ST, TS, RMfde, and FDE, can all be unified within the MTV-logic approach. This alone is notable, since until now RMfde in particular has resisted attempts to provide it with the same kind of many-valued semantics as the other logics in this list. New proofs of the duality between LP and K3, and of the self-duality of C, ST, TS, and RMfde, are presented. The essay will conclude with a discussion of directions that further research might take.

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  • Many-valued logic
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  • Negation
  • K3
  • LP
  • ST
  • TS
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