Simplified Tableaux for STIT Imagination Logic


We show how to correct the analytic tableaux system from the paper Olkhovikov and Wansing (Journal of Philosophical Logic, 47(2), 259–279, 2018).

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    Olkhovikov, G.K., & Wansing, H. (2018). An axiom system and a tableau calculus for STIT imagination logic. Journal of Philosophical Logic, 47(2), 259–279.

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We acknowledge support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, grant WA 936/11-1.

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Correspondence to Grigory K. Olkhovikov.

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Olkhovikov, G.K., Wansing, H. Simplified Tableaux for STIT Imagination Logic. J Philos Logic 48, 981–1001 (2019).

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  • Logic of imagination
  • STIT logic
  • Tableaux
  • Canonical models