Journal of Philosophical Logic

, Volume 40, Issue 4, pp 445–472

Reasoning About Permitted Announcements


DOI: 10.1007/s10992-011-9187-1

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Balbiani, P. & Seban, P. J Philos Logic (2011) 40: 445. doi:10.1007/s10992-011-9187-1


We formalize what it means to have permission to say something. We adapt the dynamic logic of permission by van der Meyden (J Log Comput 6(3):465–479, 1996) to the case where atomic actions are public truthful announcements. We also add a notion of obligation. Our logic is an extension of the logic of public announcements introduced by Plaza (1989) with dynamic modal operators for permission and for obligation. We axiomatize the logic and show that it is decidable.


Epistemic logic Deontic logic Public announcements Modal logic Axiomatisation Decidability Permission Obligation 

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  1. 1.Institut de recherche en informatique de ToulouseCNRS - Université de ToulouseToulouse Cedex 9France

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