The Role of Multiphosphorylated Peptides in Mineralized Tissue Regeneration

  • Keith J. Cross
  • N. Laila Huq
  • Neil M. O’Brien-Simpson
  • John W. Perich
  • Troy J. Attard
  • Eric C. ReynoldsEmail author
Special Issue: Peptides in Oral and Dental Research


Several multiple phosphoseryl-containing proteins have been identified in mineralising tissue and body fluids where they have been proposed to act as nucleators and/or regulators of biomineralisation. In particular, the unique features of the multiphosphorylated caseins from milk and phosphophoryn from dentine enable them to have a role in mineralised tissue regeneration. In this review, three examples of therapeutic applications using multiphosphorylated peptides are described.


Phosphopeptides Mineralisation Biomimetic 


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  • John W. Perich
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