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Validating the Emotion-Focused Interactions Scale for teacher–student interactions


Teacher–student interactions contribute to the quality of the classroom environment. Although numerous measures of these interactions exist, few target the affective expression and reception of interactions directly. To fill this need, we detail the piloting and psychometric validation a self-report measure, the Emotion-Focused Interactions (EFI) Scale. The EFI is reliable as a one-factor measure, with strong positive loadings and adequate internal consistency. Confirmatory factor analysis rendered the EFI valid, test–retest reliability was adequate, and concurrent validity was significant. Results suggest the EFI has good psychometric properties as a measure of affective exchanges among teachers and students. Implications for use and further study are discussed.

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Cipriano, C., Barnes, T.N., Kolev, L. et al. Validating the Emotion-Focused Interactions Scale for teacher–student interactions. Learning Environ Res 22, 1–12 (2019).

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  • Confirmatory factor analysis
  • Emotions
  • Scale validation
  • Teacher–student interactions