Landscape Ecology

, 26:1201

Soundscape in a context of acoustic and landscape ecology


DOI: 10.1007/s10980-011-9644-9

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Truax, B. & Barrett, G.W. Landscape Ecol (2011) 26: 1201. doi:10.1007/s10980-011-9644-9


Soundscape ecology is being proposed as a new synthesis that leverages two important fields of study: landscape ecology and acoustic ecology. These fields have had a rich history. Running “in parallel” for over three decades now, soundscape ecology has the potential to unite these two (among other) fields in ways that provide new perspectives on the acoustics of landscapes. Each of us was involved in the “birth” of these two fields. We each reflect here on the rich history of landscape ecology and acoustic ecology and provide some thoughts on the future of soundscape ecology as a new perspective.


Soundscape ecology Acoustic ecology Soundscape studies Acoustic community 

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  1. 1.Simon Fraser UniversityVancouverCanada
  2. 2.Eugene P. Odum School of EcologyUniversity of GeorgiamAthensUSA

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