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Sensitivity analysis of combined cycle parameters on exergy, economic, and environmental of a power plant


In this paper, a typical combined cycle power generation unit in Iran is simulated by a mathematical method in order to perform sensitivity analysis on environmental emission and electricity price. The results of this study demonstrate that the efficiency of the power plant depends on both gas turbine design parameters such as gas turbine inlet temperature, compressor pressure ratio and steam cycle design parameters such as HRSG pinch point temperature, condenser pressure. The results demonstrate that an increase in TIT and compressor pressure ratio have a significant effect on exergy efficiency and destruction.

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\(c\) :

Cost per exergy unit ($ MJ−1)

\(c_{\text{f}}\) :

Cost of fuel per energy unit ($ MJ−1)

\(\dot{C}\) :

Cost flow rate ($ s−1)

\(c_{\text{p}}\) :

Specific heat at constant pressure (kJ kg−1 K−1)

\({\text{CRF}}\) :

Capital recovery factor

\(E\) :

Exergy MJ kg−1

f :

Exergoeconomic factor

\(\dot{E}\) :

Exergy flow rate (MW)

\(\dot{E}_{\text{D}}\) :

Exergy destruction rate (MW)

\({\dot{\text{E}}}_{\text{W}}\) :

Exergy rate of work (MW)

\(e\) :

Specific exergy (kJ kg−1)

\({\text{e}}_{\text{f}}\) :

Chemical exergy of the fuel (kJ kg−1)

\(i\) :

Annual interest rate (%)

\(h\) :

Specific enthalpy (kJ kg−1)

\(h_{0}\) :

Specific enthalpy at environmental state (kJ kg−1)


Lower heating value (kJ kg−1)

\(\dot{m}\) :

Mass flow rate (kg s−1)

\(n\) :

Number of years

\(N\) :

Number of hours of plant operation per year

\({\text{PP}}\) :

Pinch point

\(\dot{Q}\) :

Heat transfer rate (kW)

\(r_{\text{AC}}\) :

Compressor pressure ratio

\(s\) :

Specific entropy (kJ kg−1 K−1)

\(s_{0}\) :

Specific entropy at environmental state (kJ kg−1 K−1)

\(T_{0}\) :

Absolute temperature (K)

\(\dot{W}_{\text{net}}\) :

Net power output (MW)

\(Z\) :

Capital cost of a component ($)

\(\dot{Z}\) :

Capital cost rate ($ s−1)

\(\eta\) :

Isentropic efficiency

\(\xi\) :

Coefficient of fuel chemical exergy

\(\sigma\) :

Standard deviation

\(\varPhi\) :

Maintenance factor

π :

Dimensionless pressure values

θ :

Dimensionless temperature values




Air compressor


Combustion chamber






Exergy destruction




Gas turbine


High pressure


Heat recovery steam generator


ith trial vector


kth component


Low pressure






Steam turbine






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