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Entropy generation analysis on electroosmotic flow in non-Darcy porous medium via peristaltic pumping

  • S. NoreenEmail author
  • Qurat Ul Ain


In current paper, it is aimed to investigate the entropy generation of electroosmotic flow aggravated by peristaltic pumping across a non-Darcy porous medium. We have implemented the Darcy Forchheimer model to interpret the permeability of porous media. The electro-magneto-hydrodynamic flow is considered in a symmetric channel. We have analyzed the flow characteristics, heat transfer and entropy generation for various values of joule heating parameter \(\gamma\), Hartmann number \(H_{\text{m}}\), Darcy number \(\Omega^{2}\), Forchheimer number \(c_{\text{F}}\) and electroosmotic parameter m. It is found that entropy generation increases for increasing values of Darcy number \(\Omega^{2}\) and Forchheimer number \(c_{\text{F}}\).


Entropy generation Electroosmosis Heat transfer Peristalsis Non-Darcy porous medium 



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