Recent advances in thermal analysis and calorimetry presented at the 1st Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Conference and 6th V4 (Joint Czech-Hungarian-Polish-Slovakian) Thermoanalytical Conference (2017)

  • Imre Miklós Szilágyi
  • Alfréd Kállay-Menyhárd
  • Petra Šulcová
  • János Kristóf
  • Krzysztof Pielichowski
  • Peter Šimon
Dear Colleagues, (All contributors of Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry)

We thank all for participating at the 1st Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Conference and 6th V4 (Joint Czech-Hungarian-Polish-Slovakian) Thermoanalytical Conference, which was held in Budapest on June 6–9, 2017.

The friendly atmosphere has long been a strong value of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (JTAC), and during almost five decades of publishing a global community formed around the Journal. With the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Conference (JTACC) series, we wished to create an opportunity, where our editorial board, authors, reviewers, supporters and all contributors, as well as those who were interested in this wonderful field, could meet personally.

The tradition of thermal analysis is strong in Hungary, since the World’s very first commercial simultaneous TG/DTG/DTA instrument, i.e., the famous Derivatograph, was developed at the Technical University of Budapest in the early 1950s. Hungary thus can be designated as one of the cradles of modern thermal analysis. The huge success of Derivatograph with more than 4000 pieces sold, paved the way for the World’s first thermoanalytical journal (JTAC), established in 1969. Hungary was the host of both ICTAC (1974) and ESTAC (1998) events. In 2007–upon Hungarian initiative—the V4 (Joint Czech–Hungarian–Polish–Slovakian) Thermoanalytical Conference series was launched. Now we are happy that we could host again an international conference on thermal analysis by combining the 1st JTACC and the 6th V4 conferences in the year 2017.

When we—at the Journal—decided to initiate a new conference series, we did not even imagine that it would excite such a broad interest from all over the World. We had a very packed program with over 350 registered participants from 49 countries to present 5 plenary, 13 invited, 8 keynote, ca. 110 oral presentations and 180 poster contributions. Besides the well-known JTAC Best Reviewer Award, we established two new grants, i.e., the JTAC Scientific Excellence Award and the JTAC Young Scientist Award, which were handed over during the meeting to Dr. Katalin Mészáros-Szécsényi, Dr. Jean Rouquerol and Dr. Omid Mahian, respectively.

In this special issue, selected papers are collected, based on presentations at the 1st JTACC and the 6th V4 meeting.

  • Imre Miklós Szilágyi—Conference Chair (Editor-In-Chief at the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry)

  • Alfréd Kállay-Menyhárd—Conference Co-Chair (Deputy Editor-In-Chief at the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry)

  • Petra Šulcová—Conference Co-Chair (V4-CZ)

  • János Kristóf—Conference Co-Chair (V4-HU)

  • Krzysztof Pielichowski—Conference Co-Chair (V4-PL)

  • Peter Šimon—Conference Co-Chair (V4-SK)


The Guest Editors are very grateful to the following scientists for their critical and valuable reviews which have significantly contributed to the quality of the papers in this Special Issue.

Abd Rahim, S., Malaysia

Amer, A., Egypt

Amin, S. K., Egypt

Asabina, E. A., Russian Federation

Atapek, Ş. Hakan, Turkey

Avsec, J., Slovenia

Ayari, F., Tunisia, Farzi, A., Iran

Aydinyan, S., Armenia

Badea, M. E., Romania

Belina, K., Hungary

Berbenni, V., Italy

Blanco, I., Italy

Bohre, A., India

Branca, C., Italy

Brodarac, Z. Z., Croatia

Budrugeac, P., Romania

Cao, Y., USA

Cardinale, A. M., Italy

Casanova, C., Spain

Casas, L., France

Castro, R. Portugal

Che, D., China

Cholewka, A., Poland

Civi, C., Turkey

Conesa, J. A., Spain

Criado, J. M., Spain

Dabrowa, J., Poland

Das, S. K., India

de Oro Calderon, R., Austria

Dmitrii, P., Russian Federation

Doğan-Sağlamtimur, N., Turkey

Dohnalová, Ž., Czech Republic

Drabik, M., Slovakia

Drebushchak, V. A., Russian Federation

Drzazga, Z., Poland

Dziubek, K., Poland

Estellé, P., France

Ferencz, A., Hungary

Frost, R. L., Russian Federation

Gaca, M. E., Poland

Gawdzik, B., Poland

Ghyngazov, S., Russian Federation

Gizowska, M., Poland

Głogowski, R., Poland

Gökçe, A., Turkey

Graule, T., Switzerland

Grebowicz, J., USA

Grivel, J.-C., Denmark

Guimarães, G. P., Brazil

Holubová, J., Czech Republic

Hristov, J. Y., Bulgaria

Hu, Y., China

Humpola, P., Argentina

Iing, M., UK

Ionashiro, M., Brazil

Iqbal, S. S., Pakistan

Islam, Md S., Korea

Jablonska-Wawrzycka, A., Poland

Jankowska-Sumara, I., Poland

Janotka, I., Slovakia

Jiang, J., USA

Jiao, C., China

Kacso, I., Romania

Kaljuvee, T., Estonia

Károly, Z., Hungary

Kaygili, O., Turkey

Keshavarz, M., Iran

Klančnik, U., Slovenia

Koci, V., Czech Republic

Kopecskó, K., Hungary

Koru, M., Turkey

Koudelka, L., Czech Republic

Kök, M. V., Turkey

Krajewski, W. K., Poland

Kristóf, J., Hungary

Krupinski, M., Poland

Ksepko, E., Poland

Kwok, Q., Canada

Labisz, K., Poland

Lacerda, L., Brazil

Lan, X., China

Lazzara, G., Italy

Ledeti, A., Romania

Lei, M., China

Li, C., China

Li, K., Finland

Li, Q., China

Lin, B., China

Lomonaco, D., Brazil

Lutey, A. H. A., Italy

Maciejewska, M., Poland

Madarász, J., Hungary

Mahadevan, Surianarayanan, India

Malek, J., Czech Republic

Manukyan, K., Armenia

Marinšek, M., Slovenia

Martín, L., Spain

Materazzi, S., Italy

Matskevich, N., Russian Federation

Medeiros, A. C. D., Brazil

Ming, Y., USA

Moga, L., Romania

Mohamed, G. G., Egypt

Mosner, P., Czech Republic

Najafi Kani, E., Iran

Nguyen, D. D., Australia

Nicoara, M., Romania

Nocun-Wczelik, W., Poland

Önal, M., Turkey

Pacewska, B., Poland

Palou, M., Slovakia

Pan, W.-P., USA

Pouretedal, H. R., Iran

Pruchnik, H., Poland

Ptacek, P., Czech Republic

Rajeev, R., India

Ramirez, M. L., Puerto Rico

Ranogajec, J., Serbia

Relkin, P., France

Ren, Y., China

Reyes-Melo, M. E., Mexico

Ribeiro, C. A., Brazil

Roghani-Mamaqani, H., Iran

Rosu, D., Romania

Ruseikina, A., Russian Federation

Sádovská, G., Czech Republic

Salkus, T., Lithuania

Satheeshkumar, N., India

Schnitzler, E., Brazil

Serafin, J., Poland

Shabestari, S., Iran

Shanks, R. A., Australia

Shu, C.-M., Taiwan

Shuhua, L., China

Šimon, P., Slovakia

Srcic, S., Slovenia

Stipcich, M., Argentina

Stoyanova, V. Petkova, Bulgaria

Štubňa, I., Slovakia

Suplicz, A., Hungary

Svoboda, R., Czech Republic

Syed, T., Ireland

Szeluga, U., Poland

Tabero, P., Poland

Terzić, A., Serbia

Tomaszewicz, E., Poland

Tomaszewska-Gras, J., Poland

Tseng, J.-M., Taiwan

Tutunaru, B., Romania

Várhegyi, G., Hungary

Vlaev, L., Bulgaria

Wadhwani, R., Australia

Wang, C., China

Wang, H., China

Wang, Q., USA

Wang, S., China

Worzakowska, M., Poland

Wu, S.-H., Taiwan

Xiao, L., China

Yan, P., China

You, M.-L., Taiwan

Yuan, Y., China

Zaharescu, M., Romania

Zelko, R., Hungary

Zeng, J.-L., China

Zhang, B., China

Zhang, G., China

Zhang, G.-X., USA

Zhang, G.-Z., China

Zhao, H., USA

Zhao, L., China

Zhixiang, X., China

Copyright information

© Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary 2018

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Inorganic and Analytical ChemistryBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsBudapestHungary
  2. 2.Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials ScienceBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsBudapestHungary
  3. 3.Faculty of Chemical Technology, Department of Inorganic TechnologyUniversity of PardubicePardubiceCzech Republic
  4. 4.Department of Analytical ChemistryUniversity of PannoniaVeszprémHungary
  5. 5.Department of Chemistry and Technology of PolymersCracow University of TechnologyKrakówPoland
  6. 6.Department of Physical ChemistrySlovak University of TechnologyBratislavaSlovakia

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