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, Volume 129, Issue 2, pp 1159–1168 | Cite as

Channel temperature measurement in hermetic packaged GaN HEMTs power switch using fast static and transient thermal methods

  • Szu-Hao Chen
  • Po-Chien Chou
  • Stone ChengEmail author


A GaN-based power device is a superior component for high-frequency and high-efficiency applications and especially for applications that involve megahertz power conversion. In this work, a fast process of static thermal resistance (R th) and transient thermal impedance (Z th) measurements are made and analyzed to determine the thermal characteristics of the channel temperature of a hermetically packaged GaN power device. Five temperature-sensitive parameters (TSPs) are measured at temperatures from 20 to 160 °C. Measurements and statistical analyses included variations with temperature of on-resistance (R on), saturation drain current (I Dsat), drain conductance (g d), threshold voltage (V th), and knee voltage (V knee). The statistical analyses revealed the relationships between the heating curve parameter (R on) and the cooling curve parameters (V knee, I Dsat, g d, and V th). The average thermal resistance values are extracted as follows: Maximum R th is 2.99 °C W−1, minimum R th is 2.92 °C W−1, and the variation among the five TSPs is <3%. Conventional optical-based techniques such as infrared (IR) and micro-Raman thermography are destructive to packaged devices. Therefore, this study developed the two reliable and fast non-destructive methods for estimating channel temperature with the following features: (1) They elucidate static and transient characteristics; (2) they involve heating and cooling; and (3) they evaluate transient thermal impedance (TTI) and safe operating area (SOA). The heating curve method has advantages over cooling curve method in terms of capturing time (40 vs. 400 s, respectively), and a lower power excitation is required to obtain the transient channel temperature response.


Junction temperature Power semiconductor device Heating curve Cooling curve Transient thermal impedance (TTI) Safe operating area (SOA) 


gd [S]

Drain conductance


Drain-to-source current

IDsat [A]

Saturated drain-to-source current

PD [W]

Power dissipation

PM [W]

Applied power for TSP measurement

Ron [ohms]

Electrical resistance of device ON

Rth [°C W−1]

Static thermal resistance

Rthjx [°C W−1]

Static thermal resistance from junction to reference point

tD [s]

Dead time

tp [s]

Pulse width

T [s]


TA [°C]

Hot chamber temperature

TC [°C]

Case temperature

TJ [°C]

Device channel temperature

TJC [°C]

Channel-to-case temperature

TJmax [°C]

Maximum junction temperature

TR [°C]

A reference temperature (e.g., room temperature)


Drain-to source voltage


Gate-to-source voltage

Vknee [V]

Knee voltage

Vth [V]

Threshold voltage

Zth [°C W−1]

Transient thermal impedance

Zthjc [°C W−1]

Transient thermal impedance from junction to case

Zthjx [°C W−1]

Transient thermal impedance from junction to reference point



This work was supported by the MOST Project 104-2221-E-009-123, Taiwan, R.O.C. The authors would like to thank Keithley team in Tektronix Taiwan for their very helpful suggestions and technical support.


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