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Thermal reaction hazard research for isoprene


Isoprene is an important material used in the synthetic rubber industry, the applications have been extensively studied, but research into the safe use of this substance has been scanty. The lack of safety information has become worrisome, and this study focuses on an evaluation of the hazardous properties of isoprene. Thermal analysis of the heat polymerization and exothermic characteristics of isoprene mixed with contaminating substances was done using DSC, and the results provide valuable information that engineers can use to avoid the danger of accidents. Isoprene is flammable and can be unstable. This presents the danger of explosion and fire in the presence of air and an ignition source. Thermal analysis was carried out for isoprene and isoprene mixed with contaminating substances. From the experiments with contaminating substances, it can be seen that contamination can accelerate the decomposition reaction of isoprene.

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T 0 :

Exothermic onset temperature (°C)

T 0i :

Exothermic onset temperatures of different scanning rates (°C); i = 1, 2, 3, 4

T f :

Final temperature (°C)

T P :

Peak temperature (°C)


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