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On the existence of ‘thiourea urea magnesium chloride’ and ‘urea thiourea sodium chloride’


Gopinath et al. report to have grown single crystals of thiourea urea magnesium chloride (1) (J Therm Anal Calorim 2012, 109:841–5) and urea thiourea sodium chloride (2) (J Therm Anal Calorim 2012, 110:789–92) from an aqueous solution containing thiourea, urea and magnesium chloride (sodium chloride for 2) by the slow evaporation method. In this letter, it is proved that (1) and (2) are not new metal–thiourea compounds but pure thiourea. In view of no chemical reaction among the reagents employed for crystal growth, thiourea is formed due to fractional crystallization.

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  1. Compounds are referred to by numbers to avoid use of non-standard abbreviations.

  2. See footnote 1.


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BRS thanks Rita N. Jyai for helpful discussions.

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