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The effect of sublimation print on thermal conductivity of layered sports textiles

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Sublimation print applied onto layered sports textiles can significantly change their functionality and properties, which were so significantly emphasised at production. One of the issues, we focused on in this article is measurement of thermal conductivity of membrane textiles before and after sublimation print application. To find out the effect of colouring on properties of the material, the sublimation process was applied by two methods—using colouring (printed transfer paper) and without colouring. Sublimation print onto examined textiles was applied in the temperatures ranging from 180 to 220/°C. Thermal conductivity was measured using the (C-THERM Cti) device. Results of the measurements imply that the value of thermal conductivity increases proportionally with rising temperature of the sublimation process.

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We wish to thank the Slovak Grant Agency (project KEGA n. 003 TnUAD-4/2014).

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