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Dilatometric study of CaFeO2.5 single crystal


CaFeO2.5±δ single crystal was obtained after different steps of mechanical and thermal treatment and finally a crystallization in an image furnace. We performed dilatometric tests of this material according to the three crystallographic directions of the network, from ambient to 1,473 K, accompanied by DSC and TG tests. The tests performed on a single crystal CaFeO2.5 confirmed the transitions already observed by other authors. For the first time, a dilatometric anomaly has been observed at 1,308 K. It has the highest intensity of all the anomalies observed and appears only along the b crystallographic direction reflecting a change of state of CaFeO2.5 at high temperature. This anomaly was confirmed using DSC and TG analysis. Moreover, this study confirmed the important dilatometric anisotropy of the material.

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  • CaFeO2.5
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