Structure and thermal properties of exfoliated PVC/layered silicate nanocomposites via in situ polymerization


The exfoliated poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC)/montmorillonite (MMT) nanocomposites were synthesized by in situ intercalated polymerization of vinyl chloride (VC) in the presence of organic-intercalated montmorillonite (OMMT). Their structures and thermal properties were characterized. The results showed that layered silicates are well exfoliated and uniformly distributed in PVC matrix during in situ intercalated polymerization of VC in the presence of OMMT. The glass transition temperatures of PVC phases in the PVC/MMT nanocomposites are all lower than that of pristine PVC due to the incorporation of the exfoliated silicate layers in PVC matrix. The 5% mass loss temperature (T5%), the dehydrochlorination temperature (Tmax1) of the PVC matrix decreased due to the free and interlayer water in MMT, the low thermal stability, and the enhanced dehydrochlorination of the PVC matrix by alkyl ammonium pre-treated MMT. However, the thermal decomposition temperature of the dehydrochlorinated PVC (Tmax2) and char at 600°C are slightly increased in the presence of silicate layers.

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  • exfoliation
  • in situ intercalated polymerization
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