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Influence of GO content on ZnO: GO composite thin films for visible light driven photocatalytic degradation of model pollutants

  • Original Paper: Functional coatings, thin films and membranes (including deposition techniques)
  • Published:
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Sol–gel spin coating, a well-known simple thin film deposition method has been adapted in the present work to prepare ZnO and ZnO:GO composite films. The present study focusses on the change in film morphology with the incorporation of GO which in turn affects the photocatalytic activity of the prepared films. Graphene oxide appear to be evenly dispersed over the entire surface, especially with the 5 and 10% GO incorporation. With 10% ZnO/GO, the MB dye removal effectiveness is 89%, 1.3 times than that of bare ZnO thin film. The degradation mechanism has been examined and the major free radical species has been identified. The photocatalyst is reused four times in order to determine its long-term stability.

Graphical abstract


  • Preparation of ZnO:GO composite thinfilms by sol-gel spin coating.

  • Studies on the influence of GO content on the photocatalytic degration of model pollutants.

  • Understanding the photocatalytic mechanism in ZnO:GO composite thin films.

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The authors thank the research services of the Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore.

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Credit authorship contribution statement: VD performed conceptualization, validation, investigation, data curation, and writing. AS performed visualization, writing and editing. BV performed conceptualization, validation, reviewing and editing.

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Correspondence to B. Vidhya.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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