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Non-aqueous sol–gel preparation of carbon-supported nickel nanoparticles

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This work addresses the novel non-aqueous sol–gel process preparation of carbon-supported nickel nanoparticles. In the sol–gel process, ethanol, nickel nitrate or nickel (П) acetylacetonate, and citric acid were used as solvent, source of metallic element, and chelating agent, respectively. Hexadecylamine (HDA), oleic acid and oleylamine were used as surfactants. The calcination process was performed under protecting Ar or N2 flowing. Carbon supported nickel nanoparticles can be prepared by this sol–gel process. Moreover, no grain growth occurs in a temperature range of 200 K, meaning that the grain size of the nickel nanoparticles can be controlled in this sol–gel process. The nickel nanoparticles can display typical superparamagnetic behavior at room temperature when HDA has been used. This novel method is expected to have wide applications in the field of metallic nanoparticles.


Sol–gel preparation Colloidal processing Nanoparticles Magnetic materials 


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  1. 1.National Special Superfine Powder Engineering Research Center of ChinaNanjing University of Science and TechnologyNanjingChina

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